When most people think about Invisalign, it is believed that they are for children and teenagers. Orthodontic treatments are never considered as an option for adults. However, the fact is that orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign can be used for senior patients as well. It is very much a viable option for older patients. Sadly, many people who have lived with crooked teeth for most of their lives are content with how their teeth look and function. But it is never too late to change something that’s going to offer positive results.

If you are a senior who wishes to get straighter teeth, Invisalign can be a nice option for you, says the Huntington Beach dentist. Let’s explore some more information about Invisalign and how it works for seniors.

Will Invisalign Work?

One of the reasons why adults and seniors avoid the thought of getting braces is because they are told that they have reached an age where braces won’t work for them. The teeth of adults are fully set in their jaw and can no longer move. Teenagers have malleable jaws and teeth and therefore their teeth can move and become straight.

However, the fact is that with the help of the right kind of pressure, the teeth can be straightened at any age as the mechanism is the same for the teenagers as well as seniors. When you put pressure on the teeth, they begin to move slowly and gradually. When you put a new set of aligners, they put even more pressure on the teeth. This way, they continue to move with each new pair of the aligner. Invisalign can work if you have relatively straight teeth but you simply want to put them in an optimal position and even for crooked teeth that need orthodontic treatment.

Age should not stop you from getting straighter teeth. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that they don’t draw much attention towards your teeth as they are made of clear plastic and they are not quite visible. Unlike braces which attract a lot of attention, Invisalign remains unnoticed, says dentist in Huntington Beach.

Why Does Invisalign Take Longer?

As the adult teeth are set as compared to the teeth in young children and teenagers, they may take some time to shift. The pressure from the orthodontic treatment will straighten the teeth but for that, you need to follow the instructions of the dentist in 92649.

If you don’t wear the Invisalign for the recommended hours, the treatment will take longer. Also, if you forget to put the Invisalign back after taking them out for brushing or eating, the teeth will begin to drift back to their original positions. When you take them out for an hour while eating and popping, it won’t have any negative impact. Leaving the aligners aside for days will impact your progress. It will also unnecessarily extend the treatment time.

How to Use Invisalign Correctly?

If you wish to fix the crooked teeth, it is important to remember the following points.

  • Wear the aligners for the complete duration of two weeks before you switch to the next pair. The teeth will move into position within the first few days of wearing the aligners. The next two weeks are for the tooth roots to shift to a new position. If the aligners are worn during this period, the teeth will become loose and fall out.
  • You need to wear the aligners for the entire day except while eating and brushing. This will make sure that the treatment is on time.
  • It is important to brush your teeth after every meal before you put the brakes on as food particles and bacteria can wreak havoc on your dental health.

Cost of Treatment

The factors that determine the cost of the treatment are the extent of alignment that your teeth need and the number of aligners that you need throughout the treatment. The cost of braces for adults varies widely but usually, they fall between 3000 to 8000 dollars. You must check if your dental plan covers the cost of Invisalign. If not, ask the dentist for payment plans to make the treatment affordable.

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