What to Do About Crooked Teeth

What to Do About Crooked Teeth

Are you conscious of your crooked tooth? Do they embarrass you while smiling? Crooked teeth have got more to them than negatively impacting your appearance.
It is never too late to get your teeth straightened. The Dentist near Huntington Beach TX can examine your teeth and suggest the right dental procedure for correcting your crooked teeth.

Here’s a Look at Other problems that Crooked Teeth Cause:

According to Dentist in Huntington Beach, patients with crooked teeth are vulnerable to developing several dental complications. Getting your smile corrected not only helps in achieving a beautiful smile but also makes the foundation strong.

  • Bad Breath

Crooked teeth can lead to overlapping and create nooks and crannies which make it difficult to brush and floss. This can lead to buildup of bacteria resulting in persistent bad breath.

  • Damaged Teeth

Due to misalignment, there can be uneven wear and teeth grinding. The resulting friction can cause tiny fractures and leave the teeth vulnerable to breakage.

  • Headaches

Uneven wear on the teeth and jaws can result in chronic headaches. If you are suffering from headaches with no apparent reason, it can be because of crooked teeth. You can consult the Dentist near 92649 and he may suggest correcting the alignment of your teeth.

  • Decay and gum disease

Crooked teeth make brushing and flossing difficult. This can lead to build up of plaque on teeth. If the plaque is not removed for a long time, it can become a hard layer of tartar which increases the risk of cavities and inflammation in the gums. The gum diseases can escalate quite fast even before you realize that you are experiencing signs of gum disease.

  • TMJ Disorder

Crooked teeth can also lead to wear on your jaw and hinge joint known as Temporomandibular joint. Over the period of time, TMJ disorder can cause teeth grinding, pain in neck, shoulders, face along with severe issues like jaw dropping and locking.

Treatment Options for Crooked Teeth

You can discuss with a dentist near you about the options for correcting your crooked teeth and may suggest you dental bonding, veneers, or Invisalign.