What Should You Choose For Beautifying Your Smile- Dental Veneers or Crowns?

What Should You Choose For Beautifying Your Smile- Dental Veneers or Crowns?

Not many people are naturally blessed with a beautiful smile but they can still have it with the help of dentistry procedures. There are many options when it comes to smile makeovers and, often people are confused about which option to choose. Dental veneers and crowns are one of the most popular treatments for improving the smile. Both can help in achieving great results.

According to the Huntington Beach dentist, though both of them offer the same results, there are some key differences between them. Thus, it is important to make the right choice keeping in mind the particular situation. Let’s explore:

What are Veneers and Crowns?

Both the crowns and veneers are forms of dental restorations. A veneer is made of wafer-thin porcelain shell and is bonded to the front of the tooth. The porcelain is matched with the color of your natural teeth. They are strong but brittle. Sharp and repeated impact can also dislodge them.

On the other hand, a crown covers the entire tooth. It can be made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. Usually, it is around double the thickness of a veneer which makes it more durable and resistant to cracking as compared to a veneer.

Differences in Tooth Preparation

Veneers are more conservative than crowns and a lesser tooth structure need to be removed for placing a veneer. The dentist removes a thin layer of the enamel from the front tooth and the back or core of the tooth is not touched. Crowns need 60 to 75% of the visible tooth to be trimmed. This means there is two to four times more tooth reduction as compared to veneers.

When Can Veneers Be the Best Choice?

Veneers are suitable when the issue to be addressed is relatively minor and esthetic. The veneers are an excellent solution for stained teeth, chipped teeth, minor cracks, and small gaps between the teeth. The veneers dramatically change the color and regularity in the appearance of the teeth. Veneers are almost as permanent as crowns and they should not be chosen considering that they are temporary or reversible, says the dentist in Huntington Beach.

When Can Crowns Be the Best Choice?

The crowns are typically needed when the issues in your teeth are not superficial but fundamental. This includes badly broken or cracked teeth or a tooth that needs a root canal. The crown is used for keeping the tooth intact and protecting it from further damage which may lead to extraction. The crown is a better choice when the edge of the tooth has been damaged by grinding as the veneers only cover the front and not the edges. The teeth that have been ground down need crowns for improving the appearance. Crowns are a better choice for damaged teeth.

The difference in Insurance Coverage

The cost of crowns and veneers is quite similar. The veneers are considered pure esthetic treatment, while crowns are considered as a restorative treatment. The veneers are not covered under dental insurance. The crowns are used for treating both esthetic and functional issues which is why they get covered by the dental insurance.

Maintaining Your Perfect Smile

According to the dentist in 92649, with proper care, the veneers and crowns can last for approximately 10 to 15 years. The porcelain used for both veneers and crowns are stain-resistant. However, they can become discolored and pale if you fail to maintain proper oral hygiene routine.

It must be known that bleaching and whitening procedures don’t work on these types of restorations. It is important to maintain oral hygiene and good eating habits. It is also important to take care that you don’t damage your crowns and veneers by hitting hard substances. This way you can enhance the life of your smile.

Though we have seen the benefits and needs of both veneers and crowns, this is a generic discussion. Every patient and their needs are different. The best approach is to get your dental health and issue evaluated by the dentist, so that he can help you in choosing the right option between the crown and veneers. You can trust your dentist as he would suggest only the best option for you.