Is Coconut Oil Pulling Safe for Your Teeth?

Is Coconut Oil Pulling Safe for Your Teeth?

Since ancient days, oil has been used as a medicine. As per the dentist at Huntington Beach, it could treat numerous diseases and illnesses. It further freshen your mouth but there are facts and myths attached to oil pulling.

What is coconut oil pulling?

In this technique, coconut oil is used as a mouthwash. Oil pulling involves swishing oil in your mouth. This is done to remove harmful bacteria from your teeth that cause plaque. Dentist in Huntington Beach uses this because it has lauric acid which can kill bacteria easily.

How to coconut oil pull:

  • You need to take one tablespoon of coconut oil and put in your mouth.
  • Let it sit upright and swish around for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now spit out coconut oil.
  • The process is completed.

Myths about coconut oil pulling

  • Coconut oil pulling does NOT whiten your teeth – Coconut oil pulling just wash away bacteria, it cannot whiten teeth.
  • It’s not a medicine – It is medicine because it is used since ancient times as a cure for many issues like diabetes, migraines, arthritis, and mouth conditions.
  • It’s rated PG-13 – Coconut oil pulling is NOT safe for babies and children.
  • You still have to floss and brush – This is not an alternative for brushing and flossing.

Facts about coconut oil pulling

  • Coconut oil pulling can remove harmful bacteria – It can successfully remove harmful bacteria.
  • Coconut oil pulling can help prevent gingivitis – As per dentist at 92649 it can also remove gingivitis-causing bacteria.
  • Coconut oil pulling can eliminate bad breath – It is a cure for halitosis or bad breath which is caused by the smell of chemicals and gases produced by bacteria in your mouth.

So, is coconut oil pulling safe for your teeth?

The myths may differ from facts; coconut oil pulling can be used for oral hygiene routine. It has its unique benefits which you can know by visiting the dentist near you.