Do You Have an Ageless Smile? Let Us Help You Keep It!

Do You Have an Ageless Smile? Let Us Help You Keep It!

If you are in your golden years, you are probably the first generation that can expect to keep most of their natural teeth for a lifetime. By this time, you may be the pioneer in tooth care, says dentist in Huntington Beach. You can expect healthy teeth for a longer duration because of better oral care as well as advancements in the field of dentistry along with improvement in the nutrition and reduced risk for diseases that weaken your gums and teeth.

One thing that you may have realized is that teeth change with age just like any other part of your body. According to dentist in 92649, even if you have strong and white teeth, you need to cope up with few things. Here’s a look:


If you think that tooth decay is only for kids, you have mistaken. Even seniors develop cavities on the lower part of the tooth near the root. Thorough flossing and brushing near the gum line is an ideal way of preventing cavities.


Your gums recede over time and good dental habits can help in slowing the progress. Receding gums leave each tooth exposed and the newly uncovered areas have lesser enamel. These teeth may be much more sensitive to hot and cold. If your teeth become more sensitive, try toothpaste for sensitive teeth and consult a dentist near you.

Difficulty Brushing

If you are suffering from arthritis or limited motion, you may find it difficult to brush your teeth. You can consider switching to the electric toothbrush so that your physical condition doesn’t come in the way of maintaining your oral health.

Other Health Problems

Health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illness can impact your dental health. If you are suffering from any such disease, you must let your dentist in Huntington Beach know about it. This can help them in treating the symptoms that are affecting your teeth. They will also suggest you ways for maintaining optimum oral health as a part of your health program.